Rock climbing

Rock Climbing

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It is an activity that consists of making ascents on walls of steep slope using the physical and mental strength itself. Any ascension that is easy, difficult or impossible to perform (according to the physical state of the person) with the lower extremities (feet and legs) and the upper extremities (arms and hands) is considered climbing. In climbing there are heights of considerable danger and in order to have safety equipment is used.

In the city of Huaraz we find many areas of rock scaling both in the white mountain range that are formed by intrusive rocks of granitic, granodiorite and tonalitic nature. And the black mountain range that is formed by volcanic rocks being represented mainly by tuffs, pyro lasts, agglomerates.

Our company provides you with the organization and information necessary for you to enjoy the climbing, in its different types such as:
Free climbing, classic climbing, sports climbing, big walks, artificial climbing, etc.
We have highly trained professionals and top quality technical equipment.

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