Huascaran mountain

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Huascaran (6768 m), is the second highest mountain in the Americas and the highest in Peru. While it is not technically difficult, good conditioning and being in shape are required to make it to the summit.

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7 Days
Andes Camping Expeditions difficulty 2


Moderately difficult
Andes Camping Expeditions route 3

Approach Route

Musho- Minas
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Recommended Time of Year

June – August


Day 1: Huaraz 3100m – Musho 3200m – Base Camp 4200m.
Length : 6 hours.

Day 2: Base Camp 4200m – Camp I 5300m.
Length : 6 hours.

Day 3: Camp I 5300m – Camp II 6000m.
Length : 7 hours.

Day 4: Camp II 6000m –Southern Peak 6768 – Camp II6000m.
Length : 10 hours.

Day 5: Camp II6000m – Base Camp 4200m.
Length : 6 hours.

Day 6: Extra Day or rest day.

Day 7: Base Camp 4,200m, Musho – Huaraz.
Length : 7 hours.

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