Pisco – Chopicalqui mountains

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Pisco (5750m), is one of the most climbed mountains in the White Mountain Range due to its easy access and awesome 360-degree view of the surrounding peaks.

Chopicalqui (6354m), is one of the classic climbs of the White Mountain range. The climb to the summit and all of the scenery around it is recommended by everyone who climbs this mountain. Once you get to 5300 meters, you can see the lights from all of the cities in the Huaylas valley.

Andes Camping Expeditions scheduling 1


10 Days
Andes Camping Expeditions difficulty 2


Moderate to difficult
Andes Camping Expeditions route 3

Approach Route

Llanganuco – Ancash
Andes Camping Expeditions weather 4

Recommended Time of Year

May – August


Day 1: Huaraz 3100m – camp Cebollapampa 3850m.
Length : 5 hours.

Day 2: Cebollapampa 3850m – Base Camp 4780m.
Length : 6 hours.

Day 3: Base Camp 4780m – camp moraine 4900m.
Length : hours.

Day 4: Camp Moraine 4900m – Summit 5752m – Base Camp 4780m.
Length : 9 hours.

Day 5: Base Camp 4780m – Base Camp Chopicalqui 3900m.
Length : 6 hours

Day 6: Base Camp Chopicalqui 3900m.

Day 7: Base Camp Chopicalqui 3900m – Camp Moraine 4950m.
Length : 7 hours

Day 8: Camp Moraine 4950m – High Camp 5200m.
Length : 6 hours.

Day 9:High Camp 5200m – Summit 6354 – Base Camp 3900.
Length : 9 hours

Day 10: Base Camp 3900 – Huaraz.
Length : 5 hours.

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