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Ishinca 5530 m, is a peak that is located at the end of the Ishinca valley, between the giant and spectacular peaks of Ranrapalca y Palcaraju.
This mountain may seem small and insignificant next to the surrounding mountains, but it is still beautiful and worth the climb.
Ishinca is a classic mountain for acclimatizing, has awesome views, and allows for a significant altitude gain in little time. For more advanced climbers, it has options for more difficult climbs.

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3 Days
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Approach Route

Ishinca – Yanaraju
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Recommended Time of Year

April – October


Day 1: Huaraz – Pashpa 3400 m. – Base Camp Ishinca 4350 m.
The walk to base camp is begun in Pashpa, going up the Ishinca Valley. After going up for about two hours, climbers will arrive at the control post for the national park, where they will be required to register for treks or climbs. Three hours later, upon arriving at the base camp for Ishinca, climbers will be able to appreciate the panoramic views of Tocllaraju and Urus. Total time to base camp is 5 to 6 hours.

Day 2: Base Camp Ishinca 4350 m. – Summit Ishinca 5530 m. – Base Camp Ishinca 4350 m.
Climbers will wake up early, around 3:00am and begin to walk to the moraine. Upon reaching the glacier, it will be necessary to put on climbing gear. While going up, many peaks of the white mountain range will be seen, at the summit the following mountains can be seen: Ranrapalca, Ishinca, Palcaraju, Tocllaraju, Urus, Vallunaraju, Aquilpo, Vicos, Copa and Huascaran. Approximate climbing time 8-10 hours

Day 3: Base Camp Ishinca 4350 m. – Pashpa – Huaraz.
Approximate time from Pashpa to Huaraz will be 6 to 7 hours.

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