Cedros – Alpamayo – Santa Cruz

Andes Camping Expeditions Cedros-Alpamayo-Santa-Cruz
Andes Camping Expeditions scheduling 1


12 Days
Andes Camping Expeditions difficulty 2


Moderate to Difficult
Andes Camping Expeditions route 3

Approach Route

Quebrada Llanganuco-Santa Cruz
Andes Camping Expeditions peak 4

Highest Pass

Paso Punta Unión 4750 m.s.n.m
Andes Camping Expeditions weather 5

Recommended Time of Year

March – November


Day 1: Huaraz – Caraz – Hualcayán 3150 m. – Huishcash 4320 m.
Today our destination is Hualcayan, and we will arrive there from Huaraz by bus. Our campsite is called Huishcash, and from Hualcayan it takes five to six hours to get there. We will have good views of the mountains Milluacocha and Rajucocha.

Day 2: Huishcash – Osoruri 4550 m.
We walk uphill for most of the day, passing by a lake called Cullicoha and a pass of the same name. Good views of Santa Cruz and Millhuacocha today. Five to six hours of walking.

Day 3: Osoruri – Jancarurish 4250 m.
Today we go up and over our second pass at 4750 meters, Cedros. We will pass through the valleys of Cedros and Alpamayo, see some ruins, and have great views of Millhuacocha, Pilanco, and Pumapampa, etc. Our campsite is called Jancarurish, where there is an excellent view of Alpamayo, considered by some to be the most beautiful mountain in the world. After a relatively easy day of three to four hours, we can enjoy the sunset on Alpamayo.

Day 4: Rest Day.
Today we will visit a lake and the north base camp of Alpamayo. Will be back in campsite for lunch, and the afternoon is free to relax or explore. br>
Day 5: Jancarurish Huillcapampa 4000 m.
Before getting to the high pass of Cara Cara, 3850 meters, we will follow an almost hidden path , full of trees and vegetation. Soon after Cara Cara pass, there is another, lower pass called Tayapampa at 4500 meters. We camp in Huilcapampa after walking six to seven hours.

Day 6: Huillcapampa 4000 m. – Jancapampa 3500 m.
Today we will walk in the Yanta Queñua Valley, make the pass of Yanajanca at 4650 m, and have great views of Pucahircas. It will take us about six hours to get to the campsite called Jancapampa.

Day 7: Jancapampa. 3500 m. – Huecroncocha 4100 m.
Today is a of the Pingopampa valley, with a 4400 meter pass called Tupa Tupa at 4400 meters. We camp at the Huercroncocha Lake, after walking six to seven hours.

Day 8: Huecroncocha 4100 m. – Tuctubamba 4300 m.
The seventh pass is called Pucaraju, 4650 m, which has sweeping views of Taulliraju, Chacraraju Pirámide de Garcilazo and Paria. etc. Tuctubamba, 4300 meters, is our campsite, and it will take five hours to get there.

Day 9: Tuctubamba 4300 m. – Taullipampa 4250 m.
Today we go up Punta Unión Pass,4750 m. Taulliraju, Pucahirca, Rinrijirca, Quitaraju, Santa Cruz, Artesonraju, Paria, Pucaraju, are clearly seen from the top, as well as the de Santa Cruza nd Morococha Valleys. Six hours of walking before getting to our campsite, Taullipampa, 4250 m.

Day 10: Day of Rest: Optional visit to Alpamayo base camp.

Day 11: Taullipampa 4250 m. – Llamacorral 3760 m. Today we leave early to see the east face of Alpamayo. After, we walk down the Santa Cruz Valley, passing by the lakes of Jatuncocha 3900 m. and Ichiccocha 3850 m. Four to five hours of walking today before reaching the campsite.

Day 12: Llamacorral 3760 m. – Cashapampa 2900 m. Back to Huaraz after four to five hours of walking down the Santa Cruz Valley.

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