Ice Climbing

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It is considered climbing on ice to any rise in ice or hard snow that due to its difficulty and danger requires the use of special equipment such as crampons and ice axes. In addition, safety equipment is usually used.

The difficulty and danger of this climbing specialty are marked by the inclination of the wall and the hardness of the snow, ranging from soft snow to pure ice. In the ideal case, which could be an icy waterfall, the climber ascends with crampons on the feet and with a technical ice ax in each hand. The equipment to be sure of climbing is similar to that of rock climbing.

Andes expeditions camping offers mountaineering and ice climbing.

Which consists of:

  • Recognition of material and its proper use of these elements (strings, carabiners, harness, helmet, ice screws, ice axes, etc.).
  • Practical realization of knots and anchors.
  • Technical order.
  • Glacier transit and identify hazards (cracks and avalanches).
  • Climbing on vertical walls.
  • Rescue and self-rescue in cracks.

For which we have highly qualified professionals and technical equipment of the highest quality.

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